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We’re on a Feel-Good Mission

Our goal is to bring transparency to online customer service, giving consumers choice and businesses an opportunity to benchmark against the best.


These days you can buy the same product at the same price at multiple retailers. When price and selection are equal, customer service is the true differentiator. StellaService emulates the customer journey with a highly-trained team of analysts, stress-testing customer service performance across hundreds of metrics to give actionable insight to both businesses and consumers.


We're number-crunchers, data explorers, organizers and storytellers, but we're also consumers.

Our team knows what it's like to receive exceptional customer service and we work every day to see that others do too.


We thrive on finding the next person in the room with the next big idea. We like hustle and high-fives.

Client Development

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client development
data operations

Looking for a few bright minds

Our Technology Department maintains all of our software and hardware systems, as well as analyzing and managing data. At StellaService our tech team performs roughly the same function as a crust does in a pizza: it is massivly important, it underpins everything we do, and it pairs well with melted cheese.

Hundreds of retailers work with StellaService to improve the online shopping experience.






Frances Frei

Senior Associate Dean
Harvard Business School


Doug Lebda

Founder & CEO

David Rich

ICC/Decision Services


Phil Terry

Collaborative Gain


Please email with media inquiries.

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